Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey, I've got a question for you....The PROPOSAL.

Sam and I had been planning a New Years trip to Telluride, CO with our good friends:
Steffi and Dave
Chad and Bethany

Dave, Steffi, Me, Sam,Bethany, and Chad
We had the most amazing weekend hittin' the slopes of Telluride.Chad is an excellent photographer and was snapping pictures up for us throughout the day. We decided to stop at a particularly scenic point and take some group pictures. While we were unbuckling our gear and taking off our goggles Sam turned to me and said "Hey Leah! I've got a question for you" as he was attempting to get on one knee while wearing ski boots --- not an easy feat, but this is what it looked like:
Yep, I cried instantly. I had no idea he was planning this.


This all happened on New Years Eve. We planned to spend the night celebrating in town with good champagne, good food, and good friends, but....sometimes plans don't always work out. Steffi and I were hit with a horrendous bout of food poisoning and spent the whole night at the hotel with Gatorade and crackers...a not-so-romantic way to end the most romantic day of my life. 

So there you go, our engagement in a nutshell.