Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Bridal Party

As promised, I'm going to share our wedding pictures with ya'll - but let me warn you, there are a TON, and they are GORGEOUS! So get comfy, grab a beverage, and enjoy!

Part 1 - The Bridal Party 

 I'll do a little introduction of the ladies and gents of the evening here, from left to right:

Wyler - Sam's younger, but not little, brother
Steffi - Good friend of Sam's and a budding bestie of mine
Dave - Steffi's handsome boyfriend, and Best Man
Emily - long time girlfriend of mine from home
Sam - My new strapping hubby
Leah - Oh, that's me
Chad - Sam's good friend from college and Bethany's new fiance
Ashley - my BFF from college, and my Maid of Honor
Weston - My younger, but not little brother
Bethany - My wonderful friend from college, and partner in crime ;)
JD - Sam's good friend, Jimmy's, son, and our flower girl walker
Not pictured - Kona, our dog, AKA our flower girl

Lovely group, eh?

They all made our evening magical and everything we hoped it would be! We're looking forward to being a part of Chad and Bethany's shin-dig next year, and making many, many, more memories with these fine folks!

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