Friday, November 30, 2012


life rearranged

Lately I feel like all my posts revolve around catching up - catching you up on our busy lives. Not too much about anything else. But hey, what can you do. Life is busy!

This weekend, Sam is off hunting again. Near the Mexico border - send out your prayers that he is safe and warm and successful! But since he is gone, I'm hosting a little get-together with some girls! Ashley is coming up, and some girls from around here will be joining me in baking cookies, drinking wine, margaritas, etc, and enjoying some good old fashioned girl time!

So, for now, here's InstaFriday - linking up with Jeannett again!

Floral scarf with the stripy shirt...really liked this outfit in the dark. Then at work later, it totally irked me. And now I'm irked that I even bothered to tell you all about it!

Kona has been a dork lately. She holds her chewie in her mouth the entire drive to work (25 minutes!) It just hangs from her lips! Such a funny dog! Love her though! She may have slept under the covers on Sam's side of the bed last night  ;) 

Don't worry, I'll wash the sheets today. 

Kona also had a doggy playdate with Mack! Notice their choice in toys - branches that we cut off the Christmas tree. Remind me why I spend money on stuffed animals and overpriced toys for her?? Is having real kids the same way?

I got this pretty package in the mail this week! From Here. I'm so excited to use it in my next sewing project,   which might get done this weekend if I have time. 

Last night I was finally able to pick up some Christmas gifts that need to be mailed to family out of  state. So I had to put them together and wrap them up all pretty! This year I bought a roll of craft paper from Home Depot for under $5! And I'm hand stamping the packages with the recipients names - it's time consuming, but worth it! Plus the packages look adorable with washi tape holding them shut rather than scotch tape!

And just for kicks, here's me. Driving to work. Woo Hoo! 

Happy Friday friends and family! 


  1. I did homemade xmas Kraft wrap our first xmas too. So much fun, I used sponge stamps with red and green paint!! Enjoy...Hugs Aunt Viki

    1. Sponge stamps with paint sounds messy ;) I just used regular rubber stamps! PS - I hope Bill is enjoying Paso!

  2. Oh, that pile of felt is awesome! What are you planning on doing with it? I bought plain kraft paper too for wrapping gifts, but nothing to wrap yet.

    1. Laura! Hi and welcome! I think I'm going to make a pillow for our bed, and use the felt to spell out a word...not sure which word though! Good luck Xmas shopping!

  3. Super cute pics! I love the Kona's pic in the car. So cute.
    Enjoyed looking around.

    1. Hi Jackie! Thanks for looking around! Kona is such a dork sometimes!