Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Heffelfinger Christmas

Our first Christmas together as a married couple has proven to be a hodge podge of random Christmas items thrown into one room. But better than nothing! 

This is our mantel. I painted the chevron stripes a few months ago. You can read more about them here. The shotgun shell lights were a gift from a friend a few years ago. And I whipped up the stockings by myself! (I have others for sale in my Etsy store - check the side bar to hope over!) We've only just received our first Christmas card (Thanks Aunt Courtney!) so they will be hung on the lights with little clothespins which are being stored in the cute little milk glass cup. 

I also got a wild hair up my you-know-where and decided it would be cute to hang glittery pine cones above our walkway between the living room and kitchen. I enlisted Sam's help in glittering, because obviously anything involving glitter is his favorite thing. Then I simply took some red and white bakers twine and wrapped it a few times around each pine cones and hung them on the nails that Sam put up for me. I think they are cute! And they'll probably stay up past Christmas. 

And of course, we have a tree too. Here it is:

Oops, blurry, but pretty!

My manly hubby cut it down for us in the woods! Yes, we had a permit, it was legal! And so fun! The amazing sequined tree skirt is from Target, in case you need to get one, which you probably will need to do because it's awesome.

I've never been one to be picky about the type of wrapping paper I used. But this year, instead of buying a $20 roll of red sparkly paper that can only be used during the holidays, I opted for a roll of $4.50 craft paper from Home Depot. I even stamped the recipients name and a "Love Sam and Leah" on each one before tying it off with twine or ribbon! Oooh Fancy Schmancy! 

I had to buy those pretty sparkly ornaments at Target because we didn't own any ornaments. But, now that has changed! We now have not 1, but 2 handmade ornaments, thanks to my Grandma and Sam! (The first one Sam made by cutting off the bottom of our tree, and then I glued some twine around it. The second one is made of wine corks by my Grandma!)

And that's our first Christmas so far! 


  1. I love your ornament colors! and the tree stump memory ornament is adorable. I have seen some ideas, but this might be my favorite!

    1. Hi Shannon! So glad you liked our tree stump! It's my favorite too!