Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waiting for my hubby to come home

Many of you may know about Sam's passion for hunting. Many of you also may know that he has the hunt of his lifetime beginning October 1st. This weekend, (which also happened to be our 2 week anniversary... not that I'm counting) was his first time out scouting for the hunt, and thus our first weekend apart as a married couple.

Though Sam is my BFF (Side-note: whenever I use the term "BFF" I feel like I'm 12 years old all over again) time apart from each other is something that I believe is very healthy for a relationship. Though I miss him dearly, time apart allows me time to

1) do some girly things that I know drives him nuts 
2) remember why  I love being around him so much

So, this weekend I had some training classes to go to for the Group Exercise classes that I teach for NAU, I sewed a gorgeous pillow, met up with my female BFF, Ashley, to go hiking, and did a little shopping for some new fall clothes! 

(Another Side-note: Where did summer go? I hate to admit that I'm looking forward to fall, but I feel like the summer just flew by on a jet plane and left me in it's dust. Does it feel that way for everyone?)

Do you like my pillow? I spent all Saturday afternoon cutting, and sewing, and stuffing. It was drizzly outside, so it was the perfect way to spend some of the day. Plus, now I have one less ugly pillow on my couch, and one more pretty one!

Kona got this snazzy new backpack as a wedding gift, and WE LOVE IT! She can carry her own water and food now, and she got this crazy idea that she became SuperDog with it on!

The hike that we did was in Sedona, AZ called Devil's Bridge. Ashley, her sister, and Sierra came up from Phoenix for the morning. It was an quick 2 mile round trip hike to a natural arch which you can actually walk across.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on in this picture. 

But anyway, that was how I spent my first weekend away from my hubby! Sam will be home tonight, we didn't talk much over the weekend because he was in spots that didn't have very good cell service. I'm excited to see him! 

Ok, so here's some news that I'd like to share with everyone. I've decided on a new name for the blog! I'm really excited to share it with you, but there are some other things that are going to  be happening with the change. 

First of all, I've decided to open an Etsy store, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Etsy, it's basically an online marketplace where people, like me, can open an online store and sell virtually whatever we'd like. In my store I'll be selling my sewing creations and other items that could be used for home decor, wedding decor, party decor, whatever-place-you-want-to-decorate decor. 

Now, how does my blog and the store have anything to do with each other? 

Well, it's all about YOU, really. In order for my store to be successful, it needs customers, and to get customers, it needs people to know about its existence. My blog already has a solid following of readers and I already post about all my creations and home decor and whatnot, so this blog will soon be the gateway to my Esty store. 

Whoa, let me back up for a second. I keep saying MY, MY Etsty store, MY blog. Let's be real, this is a space about Sam and I. And it will remain that way, I promise. Sam is my Esty Store Business Partner, and obviously he is also the topic of 50% of this blog. So, it's not MINE, it's OURS. 

The plan is, the blog will be the place to show you our life, the inspiration behind the products that we sell. From our home, to our dog, to the things we spend our time doing, the products will all be items that speak from our hearts, and we hope to yours too. Blog readers will know about products and discounts and special items before they are posted on Etsy, so as a customer, you have a real advantage by being a reader! But don't worry, those types of posts will only be a small percentage of what we put on the blog. The rest of the blog will remain as is! 

Enough with the rambling! The goal is to have the blog changed to the new name, and the store opened by September 1st. But that's only 6 days away, I've got a lot of work left to do! So keep your eyes open for the changes, and when you see a new friend request on Facebook from me make sure to join! 

Ok, for real. That's it. Have a restful Sunday, and we'll be seeing you soon! 

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  1. Love it!! Oh and you should send me the pics that you took on Sunday :)