Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Training Workout: #9

Spring is in the air. Want to know how I know this? I have probably sneezed 80 times today. Which tells me the seasons are changing! And no one is more happy about that than I am!

Spring time around here means warmer weather, which means I can finally ditch the heavy sweaters, jackets, boots and scarves for something sleeveless and flirty! So I whipped up a Spring Training: Tank Top Arms workout for you!

I usually opt for 5 or 8 lb weights when working out my arms because I know that my arms will start to look like The Hulk's very quickly if I use too much weight. But if you're looking to gain sexy definition or bulk a bit, choose a heavier weight that will really challenge you. Otherwise, stick to the light weights.

Each circle targets a different group of muscles, so do each circle two times before repeating the entire workout to get a good burn going! If it's not quite enough for you, increase your weights or repeat for a third time. And get those tank tops out from the back of the closet! Spring is almost here!

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