Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend... Day 2...Arizona/Utah Heffelfinger Adventure Cont.

Welcome to day 2 of our Memorial Weekend. Yesterday we left off on the drive to Utah with those wicked awesome socks that I was wearing...jealousy struck you hard when you saw those, I know. 

So here we go:

As we are leaving Arizona and crossing over the Utah boarder, we ran into this beauty...Lotto, Guns, Ammo, and Beer..sounds like a scary combination...but hey, whatever makes you smile huh??

NOTE: In Utah you can only buy liquor, i.e. anything other than beer, in a liquor store, which are hard to come by...not that we needed to find one, but that's why the border towns carry so much. Also, all alcoholic beverages in Utah must have a lower percentage of alcohol in even when you do buy your liquor, the same bottle of whatever it is purchased in Arizona will have a higher alcohol content....Now you know!
And here we are! Welcome to Utah folks! If you want to find us on the map, this is highway 89 driving out of Kanab, Utah.
 Pretty. Can't complain about a drive like this!

Ok, bad blogger that I am, missed taking pictures of an entire town that we stopped in...sorry.... but here is Sam enjoying a vanilla shake from a drive-thru diner in Panguitch, Utah. Cool town! Tiny, but incredibly full of character. We walked down Main St. where it seemed they were having a town-wide garage sale. We picked up two beautiful blue mason jars that will be used at the wedding. Such kind people, full of American pride on this Memorial Weekend! If you ever get the chance, drive through this sleepy little town, grab a shake, and go antiquing!

From Panguitch, we continued driving up highway 89, then took off to the East on highway 62, towards the 24, then the it? At least,  I think it went something like that....Sam will be the first to admit that I'm not the best co-pilot...but anyway, final destination for day 2 was Fishlake. This is one of Sam's favorite family vacationing spots. The following pictures were mostly taken from the car because 

it. was. freezing.

Like 40 degrees in the afternoon and below freezing that night.

It was like an ocean out on Fishlake! Look at those whitecaps! Brrr....
This might be an exaggerated picture of the dark clouds that surrounded us that night due to my poor photography skills, but this picture does depict an excellent example of how I personally felt about the weather.
 Snow!? At the end of May.....not a fan.
View from the campsite the next morning - pretty rays of sun shining on the valley floor.
 The view of Fishlake from the road that we camped off of the next morning.

Fishlake, obviously a beautiful spot, I wish we could have spent more time fishing, letting Kona swim, and enjoying the beauty, but coldness doesn't make me happy, especially not in the early stages of summer, so we made our way down the mountain into Dixie National Forest, stopping along the way in an sheltered area to whip up some pancakes. 

Another side note: We set up the back seat of Sam's truck with blankets for Kona to sleep on - she gets half the back seat all to her self - the other side gets piled up with our bags, clothes, jackets, etc - things we'd rather not have dog fur all over... but where does Kona choose to sleep???? Right on top of all our stuff....of course.
 Kitchen camp box makes some delish pancakes.
As you can see by my happy face - I'm always a happier camper after breakfast.

Alright, I technically shouldn't have posted the pictures of breakfast - that's the beginning of day 3. But please enjoy our drive into Utah, our freezing adventures at Fishlake, our travel conditions, and our pancakes. 

Tomorrow our pictures will take us to some pretty neat places - much warmer places too. So stay tuned.

Happy Wednesday! 

And the last side note --- remember the surprise I mentioned a while back about something periwinkle???? Cross your fingers for some good news about that surprise in the coming 1-2 weeks!!! Yipee!


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