Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday-Tuesdays + Rambling

Today is one of those days affectionately known as a Monday-Tuesday (mostly by my Mom and I), in other words it's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday.

I've always been a fan of Monday-Tuesdays, obviously because that meant that I had a 3 day weekend to enjoy, but now that I'm a workin' woman, it means only a 4 day work week! That's pretty exciting.

It was a glorious Labor Day weekend here, Sam and I spent Friday night at home watching Super 8. I was skeptical about this movie at first, I'm really not a sci-fi fan, neither is Sam, but we both really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it for a good family movie. 

Saturday we drove up to a spot near a little city called Valle, it's on the road to the Grand Canyon. We spent the morning and afternoon with our good friends cutting firewood, getting ready for the quickly approaching fall and winter...ugh. I've already had to break into my sweaters for my early morning commute to work.

It was a hard day's work filling up our trailer with firewood, but we're hoping to keep our heating bill down by using our fireplace a lot this winter.

This has become our favorite thing ever! We've made 3 batches already, and all of them are yummy! We'll probably be using it well into the winter! I whipped up some for dessert on Saturday night, and between 5 of us, we finished the whole thing! Can you tell what it is???

And Sunday we took a drive out in the woods and discovered this beautiful place, and yes, that's a cliff, about 200 feet of vertical drop beneath us, don't worry, we made it without falling off :)

The rest of the weekend was low-key, cleaning the house, rearranging our back room (we still have boxes of stuff with no home left over from moving). I even got a little sewing done :) I found these awesome pink pom poms on clearance at WalMart of all places! So I embellished my plain blue tea towel!

The Floral and Ivory shop did really well this weekend, lots of people came and looked around, I'll be trying to add some new products this weekend, so keep your eyes out, and don't forget that the %15 off runs out on Saturday! Also, about 80% of the products are can be customized to fit you, so if you see something you like, but don't LOVE, contact me and we can design something just for you!