Thursday, October 11, 2012

InstaFriday - Fall Edition

What's been going on around here...? A LOT.

Hunting is over... for the most part, I'm so excited to have my Hubby home on the weekends!

Fall has officially fallen upon us in the form of a chance of snow...WHAT? We'll see if that happens.

So here goes, a week of Instagramed photos, and some non-Instagrammed photos.


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It was literally, that exciting!
 Kona's idea of camping.

Death to a necklace via being strangled by the emergency break handle in the car. 

Kona's first Pup Cup from Dairy Queen - take your puppy, they will thank you!

Kona and Sam cuddling on the couch, it's been cold here lately, so cuddling is a must. 

This is the view from our front porch, we have...11 aspen trees, I think, and they are all turning beautiful shades of gold, yellow, and orange.

Our lone pumpkin. He needs friends. 

Sam and I went out to our fav bar in town... actually, it's the place that we were first introduced - Thanks Bethany! We were asked to help teach some of our friends how to country two-step, so we went out at 7:00pm, ouch that's late, and boot-scoot-n-boogied!

And tonight we had our first fire in our first fireplace in our first home! It was romantic, we drank tea, and made iced pumpkin spice cookies - yum!

Happy Friday ya'll!

If you're in the Flagstaff area, check out the NAU Ice Jacks play against ASU tonight at 8:00pm at the Jay Lively Sports Arena! 

And if you're interested in hearing more about Sam's big hunt, click HERE.


  1. Your pup is so cute! How cute to get her own little ice cream from DQ!

    1. We didn't even know Pup Cups existed until this week! We'll be going again soon, especially for a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard for me ;)