Friday, February 22, 2013


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life rearranged

This week I managed to not take a single picture. That's never happened. But here at the Heffelfinger Household, some changes are about to be made, and it's causing a little bit of stress (I promise to fill ya'll in soon, and I also promise that I'm not pregnant!). So rather than post my nonexistent photos, I thought I'd share an inspiring image from Pinterest, a little somethin' somethin' that helps me get through stressful days:

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Sometimes we have to debate where to put the effort. Do you put the effort into where you are now, because, well, you're there and it's easy. Or do you reach out and water elsewhere in hopes that you can move to that new spot someday? While I know that God has a plan for us all, it isn't clear or defined or paved in gold bricks. It's our job to follow the open doors, to break down the closed doors, and to make new doors when necessary. God's plan for us is in our hearts, our souls, and it's our job to discover it.


  1. I love that quote it is such a good reminder

    1. Hi Cassi, it's such a great reminder to keep working at it, keep taking the risks!