Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When the snow starts to melt...

Ok, so we didn't get loads of snow this year like we have in years past, but our winters here in Flagstaff can be bitter, windy, and downright cold (and sometimes flat out miserable). So when the snow starts to melt and the air turns warm and the temperature gauge on my car hits 55 we grab our sandals and shorts and head south. 

This weekend we hit up the Verde River, Fossil Creek, and Bullpen/Clear Creek. My camera cord has gone MIA so I only have pictures from my phone from Bullpen.

 On the way there, I had some fun with Instagram - the desert has so many pretty flowers this time of year! Can you see Sam in the background of the bottom picture?

This is part of Clear Creek called Bullpen. The water is  very clear and warm. Until this weekend, Kona didn't really know what to do about the water, she didn't like getting wet very much. But it was 90+ degrees outside and I think she thought she was melting, so the instant she got her toes wet she was holy moly this feels amazing - look I can swim - and jump and play - omg it's so fun! She was an entirely different dog this weekend, she definitely found her inner water-dog. 

 Fancy shamancy dinner of P.F. Changs orange chicken ala JetBoil - that's our master chef there and our 5 star hotel room for the night. Nothing beats my two favorite people snuggling in the bed of a truck under the stars on the first camping trip of the year. 

And when we got home, this is all Kona had the energy to do - sleep on a big ol' pile of pillows on my bed. I think she slept for about 36 hours straight, guys, that was the best weekend of my whole life! 

Back to the work week.

Monday = yucky. 
Tuesday = awesome new red kayak, thanks babe! 

Kona didn't like sitting in it though, we struggled to get one picture of her sitting in it. Hopefully many adventures will come from the use of our pair of red kayaks!

This week, my Dad is coming through Flagstaff on his way to Florida. We're SO excited to see him and spend some time together. Sam hasn't seen him since Thanksgiving when he asked for my hand in marriage, and I haven't seen him since Christmas. 

And next weekend, I'll hopefully be visiting the good ol' 805! Tentative plans include a toasted turkey sandwich at my fave downtown cafe, hemming my wedding dress, and checking out our venue. Give me a call if you're in the area and want to say hello!! 

Have a great Wednesday, we love and miss you all!

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  1. I'm seriously impressed...Oliver won't go near water yet.

    1. It took Kona the entire first year of her life to realize she could do more than just drink water - it will come for Oliver eventually!

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