Monday, May 21, 2012

Our busy weekend

Our weekend started Thursday night. (Love it when that happens!) Ok, it started then for Sam, but not for me :(

Sam has partnered with his best friend, Jimmy, with his company Flatline Maps. And on top of making maps, they are also dealers for a company called Canyon Coolers. (These are fancy-schmancy ice chests that can keep your beer cold for 7-14 days without buying more ice)So anyway, Sam took this business of theirs to the Overland Expo this weekend, setting up Thursday night, and camping there Friday - Sunday.

We saw the COOLEST camping gear here...I mean, beyond camping this was Glamping! (Glamourous Camping!)I'm talking RV's that could get you to the backwoods of Africa, out in the boonies of Russia, down the entire length of South America. These things were made and designed by people whose lives revolve around traveling across the globe. We met people from Canada, Mexico, Russia, all over Europe, Australia, New Zealand...all with this incredible zest for life and a desire to see the world. Truly incredible people. 

And not only were these people traveling continent to continent in RV's, but they were doing it on motorcycles too! Packing their lives into only what could fit onto paniers. Sleeping in tents, and cooking under the stars every night for months on end while seeing remote beaches, mountain ranges, and deserts, that most of us only see on National Geographic. 

Talk about inspiring. You hear about people doing these kinds of trips by reading about them in magazines, or watching a special on TV. But we met them! And they were real, and incredibly alive. And so grateful for all that God has put on this Earth for us to see. 

Unfortunately I was not a good blogger and did not take near as many photos as I should have, but here's what I did take. 

The boys, Chad and Sam, running the Flatline Maps/Canyon Coolers booth.

How cute is this!? He rides in the side car all the time, and wears his safety goggles with no complaints!

A sweet bike that's been around the world.
Kona and Sam....see the giant RV in the back? That thing will take you anywhere you want to go. Awesome.

 Sam was also a super help to my Dad by bringing some of Dad's MotoGizmo products to show to the motorcycle riders. They were a hit!!! We even met a guy that wants to do a radio interview with Dad about his products and inspiration. Dad and I were so bummed that he couldn't make it out here to run his own booth. Next year - he's going to dominate!

@Leah Powell - pretty dresses! Gorg.

 And for some wedding updates. Here's some of my inspiration for the bridesmaids dresses. I don't want to give away what they actually look like, but Ashley, Bethany and I had an excellent Sunday at the Scottsdale Fashion Square shopping for the perfect dresses. And we had success too! We really missed Steffi and Emily, but we'll see them soon!

Happy Monday to everyone! Hope it's a good week. Sam and I are looking forward to a 3 day weekend, we're traveling up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to see this:

Toroweap Photo 

I know. You're jealous. Move to AZ and come join in on some Heffelfinger Adventures with us! 

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