Friday, May 11, 2012

The week in Instagram

Trying out a popular blog post today...posting our week Instagram style (or at least poorly lit phone pic style).

This past weekend Kona and I left Flagstaff to hangout on the beautiful Central Coast with my madre (she's pretty cool). 10 glorious hours in the car on Friday morning to spend 48 glorious hours crafting our lives away with wedding decor. (I feel like our life is consumed with DIY wedding decor lately, so I apologize if I'm boring you with all that....but it's going to be a rockin party because of all our hard work!)

 But, first things first, we enjoyed a warm evening in the backyard with the puppies and a few glasses of vino. 

Mom tried to multitask. And she succeeded too. I think she's on to something. 

Ok, so the next few pictures are a sneak peak at the Heffelfinger/Powell wedding. Don't tell anyone what you see, cause it's a secret. Wouldn't want to spoil all the fun. 


Aren't the beautiful!? I'm not saying anything more about what they all are. But we slaved, over most of those and I think you'll like them.

BTW, doesn't Mom's back splash above the stove look lovely?? She and Dad installed it all on their own - super talented people. 

And back to the work week. Kona was obviously in a state of utter exhaustion from all the excitement. 

This is what she got to play with all weekend. That's Tucker(Gma and Gpa's dog) on the top left, Rusty on the top right, Kona on the bottom left, and Honey...she's so ladylike, on the bottom right.

Lastly, on another note, Sam and I are working on a surprise! We don't want to tell anyone yet because we don't know for 100% if it's going to work out. But hopefully in the next few weeks we'll fill you in. Oh, you want a hint? It's periwinkle. That's it. That's all you get. 

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