Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The BIG periwinkle surprise!


Our FIRST home! 


Come visit! We've got a guest room! and a backyard! And my very own kitchen! 

Here's a smattering of random pictures:

The yard needs some TLC - our plans include a lovely porch and maybe a lawn and new shutters. But it's definitely periwinkle! 

PS - a HUGE thank you to Aunt Sarah for letting us borrow your trailer, it was a life saver! 

PS again - another HUGE thank you to Weston, Jeremy, and Darren for helping us move in!

This is the view from the back door, looking into the kitchen.

We quickly replaced the ugly track lighting with beautiful barn lights! Soon to come is a cover of some sort to hide the track... any suggestions??

Oh, and the kitchen table won't be staying in the living room - it just doesn't quite fit in the tiny kitchen, we're working on that too.

And the view of the kitchen from the living room - please note the AWESOME vintage tiled counter tops (LOVE THOSE!) and the beautiful rock fire place!

And the fire place! A real one! We'll probably put a wood burning stove in there, it's more efficient. Notice the door on the left - that's our pantry and laundry room! My OWN laundry room! Oh and please notice the gorgeous hard wood floors!! We're hoping there is hard wood under the ugly laminate tile in the kitchen --- otherwise the kitchen is getting new floors soon.

Our second project - a doggy door for Kona! She loves it!Look at that studly man with the saw! He's all mine! Forever!

New lights, new doggy door! Productive first weekend! We also installed a ceiling fan, and polished all the wood floors and caught up on 12,000,000 loads of laundry -- not an exaggeration.

And without further ado, I'd like to pass this blog over to my love, Sam.  


  1. Congrats Leah and Sam :) I'm so happy for you guys!! Very cute house! Can't wait to come visit!!

  2. Oh My Goodnes, this is soooo cute. Congratulations:) What a wonderful foundation to start your married life off on. So happy for you guys!
    Love, Aunt Viki

  3. Thank you!!

    I can't wait to decorate it!! I just painted my coffee table teal - so excited to see it inside!

  4. Awww I love it!! I can already see it with all your fun plans for it!! Can't wait to come see it in person!
    PS. Love the video Sam!!
    Cousin Kylie

    1. Hi! Come see it soon! Before you leave! I'm going to try to make you a little somethin'somethin' before you leave for the Land down Unda!

  5. Alright! Kona looks pleased as well. That is in fact very BIG news!! Congratulations!!

    Uncle B

  6. Congrats!!! This is so exciting!!! I'm moving into a house with my best friends in August! Seeing you so happy in your new house just gets me super excited. ;)

    1. Thanks April! More pictures to come! We just got the Internet hooked up, so i can work from home now!