Sunday, July 1, 2012

40 days and other things.

Yikes, I'm a slacker - I guess between moving and being out of town last weekend, it's been a busy 2 weeks. And we haven't had internet at the house until Monday - so I've got some catch up to do.

First off, we're officially all moved in as of last Tuesday, such a relief. And we are pretty much all unpacked too - just some storage issues to work out and little things like that. We purchased a BBQ on Friday night, and enjoyed some yummy pork chops last night....anyway, before I start rambling, here's the run down of the past week or so:

Sam and I went our seperate ways last weekend - He took some of his man-friends up to Mancos, CO for a bachelor/boys weekend, and I went to Phoenix with my lady-friends for a girls weekend - we also met up with Chris, Sam's Mom, and Aunt Sarah, for a pseudo bridal shower brunch. With all of our friends and family living so far away, and the wedding sneaking up on us (40 days!) plus moving into our home, and all that comes  with a new home, we decided against any formal bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding/bridal shower -- so this worked out nicely. I don't have any pictures from the boy's trip, but here's a few from my girls weekend:

Oh, we stayed at the Biltmore Hotel - Ashley (MOH) planned most of the weekend with the help of the other girls - they are all sooo incredibly amazing - couldn't ask for better friends! That's Steffi and I hanging by the pool.

And here we have Bethany and Ashley... unfortunately Emily couldn't make it this weekend...but she was there in our hearts! 

The pool had a swim-up bar, so of course we had to take advantage of that - Pina Colada's - YES, PLEASE!

Ashley crafted these adorable shirts for the girls (Emily, I've got yours here, if I get time I'll mail it to you this week). On the front they said "Bridesmaid" and on the back they have their name. Mine said "Bride" on the front, and the back said "Soon to be: Mrs. Heffelfinger"! And Ashley also decked me out with a sash and a boa. We went to a piano bar --- cause we're super classy like that. 

Ok, I'm out of pictures from the weekend, but here's what's been going on around here:

Sam is such a sweetheart - he bought me my very own sander! And I took it straightaway to my coffee table and then I coated it with an awesome bright teal paint! LOVE IT! I added the beautiful tray that Grandma Ellie (my Dad's mom) gave Sam and I for our wedding (it's actually a carving board, but with the lack of storage in the house, and for how beautiful it is, it needed a home in a special spot) I added a picture of Kona, a succulent, and a book on travel --- to show our worldly we are :) haha. 

And the back yard needs some TLC, but we've been playing ladder ball out there most evenings - practicing for the wedding - you should start practicing too, cause Sam and I are getting pretty good! (Though I've yet to actually win....)

We've got a cute little park around the corner from the house, and conveniently it's also near where Weston is living for the summer, so we met up there this week. The boys played some 2 on 2 and Kona learned that she can't fetch a basketball. 

I've been crafting it up this week too - my cousin, Kylie, is leaving for a semester abroad in Australia in a week, so I sewed her a little clutch in her fav color - orange! I also ordered some chalk pens (awesome stuff!) for some wedding projects. 

And finally, this weekend we decided to hold a yard sale. Since we combined both of our stuff, we suddenly had two of lots of things. We did pretty good - paid for about 1/2 of the BBQ that we bought, or about 1/3 of the TV that we want to get haha. I also put my green thumb on and planted some flowers and a tomato plant.

My next project is to finish decorating the living room - any suggestions? 

Also, we'll be in Paso Robles on July 12 for the weekend, if you want to hangout, let us know! 

Leave us a comment too!! 

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