Monday, July 16, 2012

California Dreaming...

Good Monday Afternoon to everyone! Sam and I and Weston and Kona spent a glorious weekend in sunny California visiting my parents and attending a family reunion. We left Flagstaff at the butt-crack of dawn to get to Paso Robles in time for my dress fitting. The good thing about leaving that early was this incredible view:

We're getting down to the wire in terms of days left until the wedding, so we took this time in Paso Robles to visit our photographer, Cindy Franklin, check out the Loading Chute (wedding venue - since Sam hadn't seen it yet), have a final dress fitting, and meet with our pastor. 

Kona and I had the pleasure of sharing the backseat of the truck.... not the most comfortable 10 hours of my life, but what can you do??

Saturday was spent in Morro Bay with the family for kayaking and fish tacos. For fear of losing my camera and/or phone to the Pacific Ocean, I didn't take any photos, but I know someone did --- Hey Family! If you have photos of this weekend can you share them with me?? 

That's dog beach, north of Morro Bay. Gorgeous day, but the family reunion was on the schedule so we didn't get to stop. 

The reunion consisted of:

card games
sausage casserole
wedding shower
and quizzing Sam on all the new faces 

Lots of fun!

We even had some time to lounge around my parent's house with their dogs, Rusty (right) and Honey (left) that's Kona in the middle. And yes, they are professional beggars, not spoiled at all :)

And finally, the weekend had to come to an end.... I taught a 6am cycle class this morning, and got to work by 8. Time to get back in the groove of things until the wedding. 27 more days! 

But on a brighter note, I got to bring home my old friend! It's been a while since we've been together, so we're planning on getting reacquainted this weekend!

And the question of the day:

Once Sam and I are officially HITCHED, what should we change the name of the blog to?

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