Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buy Local!

Hey everyone, this is a random topic today -  it was fueled by two things: 1, this awesome blog, E Tells Tales, and 2, my father. (He's awesome too!)

So number 1, I follow a handful of blogs (which sparked the idea for this blog) and it's funny because, I feel so attached to these woman whom I've never even met. They write so true to their lives, it's like I really know them. Anyway, E Tells Tales has some beautiful writing, most recently a story about how her husband lost his family owned grocery store in the small town they live in because WalMart moved in right across the street. Seriously, how many times do family owned businesses have to be shut down by WalMart before we realize that WalMart is KILLING us? (Target is not much better!) E's family poured their heart and soul into this business to put food on their table, and now their house is on the brink of foreclosure.  If you're anything like me, you'll love reading her blog, so check it out, and think  about the damage you're doing when you buy from those big box stores. 

And number 2, my Dad is the most creative person I know, and like the family from the blog I mentioned above, he owns his own business and is slowly getting squashed by China. What ever happened to American Made Products? Oh, China can make it cheaper....NOT A GOOD EXCUSE. What about the American families like mine and E Tell's Tales family - we're Americans and yet we have bend over backwards to find Americans to buy our products! 

Ok, I'm ranting, I apologize. The point is - please, pay more attention to the places you shop, the products you buy, realize that if we want this economy to turn itself around we have to stop giving our money to foreign countries. The American dollar HAS TO STAY IN AMERICA! 

Ok, for real. I'm done ranting. 

Happier things:

1. Kona, learned how to "give me 10!"... you know, like high fiving then you, high ten?? 
2. 32 more days till the BIG DAY! 
3. Monsoon season finally began!
4. My wonderful cousin, Kylie, just landed in Australia for a semester abroad! Check out her BLOG!
5. Sam and I bought a new TV --the flat kind! We're so old school...
6. And we bought TOOLS! A miter saw to be exact (proud of me babe, I remembered what it's called!)
7. Some very blog worthy events are happening this weekend, so be on the lookout for a picture heavy post in a week or so! 
8. My dear friend, and bridesmaid, Bethany, got engaged to our good friend and groomsman, Chad, last weekend! Congrats guys! We're so happy for you!
9. We met our new neighbors, turns out they are wonderful bakers! Yummy cherry and apple empanadas! 

10. My shiny new toy:
Thanks Sara! 

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Happy Tuesday!

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