Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gardening 101

Sam and I moved into our new home in early June, and if you are an avid gardener, you probably know that's a little to late to start a veggie garden. But we thought, what the heck, might as well give it a shot - thanks to a few fine folks that gave us some Home Depot gift cards, we were able to plant some pretty flowers and some starter veggies. And thanks to my Dad for supplying us with a handful of Agro Towers!

Agro Towers were designed to increase the growing power of a plot of land by allowing the grower to grow his produce vertically as well has horizontally - more fruit per acre of land = more $$$. But the other sweet thing about these stackable pots, is the ability to create 3-dimensional arrangements that can be rearranged anyway your heart desires. 

Sam created this little corner piece with some yummy blueberries, marigolds, and bell peppers. The stack on the right contains chilis, cherry tomatoes, and squash. 

Let's cross our fingers for a warm fall so we can actually get some yummy veggies and fruit from these plants before winter! 

And for those of you that are interested in getting your own Agro Towers check out my Dad's website:

And for your viewing pleasure, please check out this bad boy - soon to be seen worldwide on 



  1. woooo for some flowers and veggies in that back yard!!!! it'll look so pretty and hopefully produce!
    we learned that blueberries are funny - just fyi. there are boy and girl plants so you need to have at least 2 so that when the bees pollinate, they'll hopefully cross pollinate and then they'll make berries. i think most people said to get different types of blueberries and the odds of making sure you have boy and girl parts is better. (i only see one in your lovely photos - you might have more! just sharing our tips!)

    1. Ahh, good to know. We've got room for another blueberry bush...plant??? So I'll pick one up this week! We've got ...13..or so ripe berries already..WOOHOO!

      PS - 20 more days til the wedding! and 18 til we see you!