Friday, July 27, 2012

How am I doing?

2 weeks from tomorrow I will offically become Leah Whitney Heffelfinger.


I've been getting this question a lot: Are you nervous?

Answer: No. I'm 100% ready to become Sam's wife. Yes. I'm nervous excited to see the plans that we've made for our wedding weekend come together. 

I think it's a good thing that I'm more nervous about the actual day than the lifetime that's ahead of us. 

Is Sam nervous? 

I think he would say the same thing - though I don't think he will care too much if the flowers are the wrong shade of pink or a groomsman forgets a tie...

So, other than the fact that my new signature looks like a 5th grader is signing my name, I'm doing great! Sam and I are ready to commit ourselves to each and to God, and begin this new chapter in our lives. We've got the love and support of our families and dear friends. And to add a cherry on top, we're each others BESTIES! What better way to spend a lifetime than with your best friend?! 

I'm rambling...I was thinking about writing a post about my feelings about getting married, but all that I could come up with when I sat down at the computer was... I'm Fine! I'm not nervous. I'm so excited! I LOVE Sam. And he LOVES me. And we're GETTING HITCHED in 16 days! 


Once we get married, I do have one slight problem that I'd like to share with you... the name of this blog is Sam and Leah Get I change it to Sam and Leah GOT Hitched...? Doesn't really have a nice ring to it. 

I've been brainstorming some ideas, but I'd love you advice. 

I want to continue this blog after the wedding to document our adventures, show you what we're building, post some awesome new recipe that I found, and of course add to all the ways that Kona sleeps. 

So, how about you give me some ideas, huh? That's a great idea! Lots of brains are better than just mine! 

Alright, let's wrap up this mumbo jumbo of a post with some pictures of the week, shall we???

1. We're makin' stuff! Before and Afer pics to come soon!
2. I taught myself some basic embroidery skills so I could use some of those Pinterest ideas.
3. Date Night with my #1 Man! 
4. Beverages.
5. Oh, he forgets his name, so he wears this shirt :) Isn't he a cutey!?
6. Sneak Peek: the ties for the wedding!
7. The 5th grade version of my signature - good grief is it long!
8. Oh, didn't you want to see this picture twice?? Sorry about that!

Have a fun weekend everyone!


  1. The Life and Times of the Heffelingers...Heffelfinger Adventures...The Happy Heffelfingers...Heffelfinger Happiness...Our Life, Sam, Leah & Kona. That's all for now, I'll keep em coming!!!

    1. Those are great! Thanks for helping! Heffelfinger Adventures is similar to what I keep coming back to!