Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY: Circle Scarf

Yikes, it's been a while since I've been around here! Lot's of festivities going on! But I'm back now and I'm excited to bring you my first DIY, complete with pictures!  If you're anything like me, I've got a pretty impressive collection of scarves, but the cool thing these days are circle scarves or infinity scarves. I didn't want to buy myself anymore so I thought I'd show you how I turned my long, straight scarf into a pretty and trendy circle scarf! It's pretty simple, here's what you'll need:

old scarf 
sewing machine 
coordinating thread

I chose this green strippy scarf with fringe. I haven't worn it in years because it's kind of blah.  

Fold your scarf in half, long ways, so the ends line up. My scarf is the same on each side, so there was no right side/wrong side. If your scarf is different on each side, be sure to fold the scarf right side to right side. If your scarf has fringe, like mine does, be sure that all the strings are hanging out to the right, as shown. 

Get all of your sewing necessities ready to go. I was lazy about the coordinating thread and used black, because that was already loaded in my machine. Don't judge me. 

Before you begin sewing, be sure that the fringe isn't caught under where you'll be sewing. Also, my scarf was very stretchy, so I chose a longer stitch length.

Since my scarf was stretchy, I pulled it a bit while I sewed my straight line to be sure it went back to the right shape when I was finished. Be sure to back stitch at the beginning and end of your scarf. 

Cut off the excess fringe or fabric close to the seam. 

Disregard my horrible self portrait skills. And my outfit. 

Gosh these pictures make me blush, they're so bad. 

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