Monday, December 10, 2012

Upcoming events for the Heffelfinger's and Workout #6

Last week I had good intentions of writing 3 posts, I even wrote them on the calendar to remind me...but they never happened. Sometimes life just gets busy and things have to be prioritized. But I'm back now and I was just taking a look at our shared calendar for the next few months, and there are so many things to look forward to and be thankful for! Besides, everything's more fun now that we're MARRIED! (Yikes, sometimes it doesn't even feel real!)

First up on the calendar of events is obviously Christmas. Our first Christmas together and we'll be visiting a special place! Here's a hint:

And to top off what's already going to be an awesome trip, we'll be sharing it with my parents and brother! And also doing an early Christmas celebration with Sam's folks too! It's going to be amazing.

Next up on the Heffelfinger calendar is one of these bad boys:

Oh yes! There is no better place to be in the dead of winter than the Caribbean, am I right? Or am I right? Can't wait to put my pasty white legs out there on that deck in my bikini!

Since we're talking about bikini's, here's workout #6! I'm teaching this tonight and I'm hoping to leave the gym feeling sweaty and gross!

This is a 60 minute workout, 20 minutes of leg, arms, and abs, tabata style!

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