Monday, January 28, 2013

We're back!

Why is it that work weeks d.r.a.g. on, but a week of vacation speeds by in the blink of an eye? Not the way I would prefer it! 

But anyway, we're back from our belated honeymoon, tan...ok, sunburned, and stuffed with too much food. 

It was very nice to cuddle with our puppy though, we missed her so much! And sleep in our own bed. The snow that's coming down at the moment isn't quite so welcoming though, after spending the week in a tropical 80 degrees with lovely moisture in the air. Hello soft skin and cuticles with no cracks! 

I haven't uploaded our pictures from the camera yet, so I'll just share a few from my phone. I had my phone turned off all week (since we were out of the country and roaming fees are outrageous!) so I don't have much to share from that either. 

But our first night was spent in New Orleans, LA where they were just beginning to celebrate Mardi Gra! Here's a snapshot of the fiascos that were going down on the famous Bourbon St.

From the top left: 

The temperature when we left Flagstaff.

Heffelfinger's on a plane.

The Mississippi River.

The ladies on Bourbon St. From the left: Di, Steffi, Courtney, Me.

From the top left:

Sam and I on the Mississippi River.

Gettin' my Mardi Gra on!

The ladies.

Our ship.

The trip was fabulous, I can't wait to share more pictures with you, but in the meantime, these will have to work. Have you been anywhere neat lately? Maybe around the city you live? Or another far away destination? We're always looking for inspiration for our next trip!

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