Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Workout # 8: Tabata Abs

Since NAU has been out of session for the past four weeks for winter break, I took a lazy stance on exercising...and it's kicking my booty now. Monday was the first day back to teaching classes for me, and man oh man... am I sore. This is half the class that I taught this morning for a class called "Core Strength". We only did the workout once for lack of time, but I suggest going through the four rounds at least twice for a good burn.

And since we're headed out of town on Friday, I wanted to link up with Life Rearranged today for InstaFriday...InstaWednesday... :)

life rearranged

It's brisk here. Luckily our evenings have been spent snuggling by the fireplace, watching Downton Abbey (if you aren't on this bandwagon, get on it! So good!). Lots of layers, blankets, and slippers, hot tea, and popcorn. Brrr!

Even Kona gets her own blanky which she likes to snuggle with.

At least I have lots of warm scarves (thanks Grandma!) to keep me cozy at work. And cute earrings too! (Thanks Mom!)

We have a few weddings on the calendar for the summer months. One of which I get to be a bridesmaid, I'm so excited! And after searching high and low for the perfect pair of nude pumps in the right price range and heel height, I came across these on MAJOR clearance online at Target. I'm happy that they have such a chunky heel so I don't sink in the grass.

As if you wanted to see another picture of my feet. Sorry. Since I'll be donning my flippy floppies this weekend, I thought I'd treat myself to a pedicure...on the coldest day of the year...yikes! I'm digging the bright purple color, which I'm hoping will either distract people from my pasty white skin, or make people think my toes are frozen...

Sidenote: this was the most awkward pedicure of my life. Suggestion to all pedicurers...pedicurist...people who give pedicures....please wear tops that cover your ta tas...and don't let my toes touch said ta tas...please and thank you.

Since Sam and I are working all week, we decided to attempt packing this weekend, so we wouldn't have to worry about it the night before. We were successful at putting bikinis and trunks into a suitcase, then we said, nah, we'll do it, we'll see how that goes, it's basically a recipe for me to over pack. (I'm a notorious over packer...are you?)

I snapped this cute photo of Kona with our good friend, Eli. I think Kona was trying to sweet talk her way to a sip of his beer. She must get her sweet talking abilities from her mama ;)

And so, the only things between us and a sandy beach are:

  • Our first ever 30th birthday party - Happy Birthday Clay, thanks for making us all feel old...even though you're the oldest of us all :)
  • A large green suitcase.
  • My first ever bikini wax..WAHHH!
  • One more workout class.
  • A 2 hour drive.
  • And a 3 hour plane ride.

Happy Hump Day!

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