Friday, February 8, 2013


life rearranged

It's Friday again, and that means that it's time to empty my phone of all the random pictures that I've taken throughout the past week or so. An easy way to share all the stuff going on in our life. So here we go! I'm linking up with LifeRearranged again, so when you're done here, go check out Jeanett's page, she's got a GIVEAWAY going on today too!

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The weather has been ridiculously nice lately, (and by "nice", I mean 50 degrees...not exactly flip flop weather) which sucks when I'm cooped up inside at work. Luckily I was able to take a break and snag this image.

Our good friends, moved into a new house this past weekend. Sam and I helped them do some repainting and whatnot. They have the most fantastic view of the San Francisco Peaks. Ever. Super happy for them in this new journey of owning a home.

I managed to get home early one day this week. I grabbed a chair and put it on the front porch where the sun was shining just right, nice and warm. I even finished a book while sitting out there. But when I finished the book, I started looking through some photos on my phone and ran across the one on the left. Warm and cheery, with LIVING plants. I turned to my left and noticed the now dead and frozen plants, and it made me sad. But thankful that I have warm weather to look forward to in the next few months...hopefully....I never did hear if the Groundhog saw his shadow or not.

Ok, enough about the weather.

Here in Flagstaff, we have this cool thing that we refer to as "First Friday" or the "Art Walk". Basically, on the first Friday of every month (hints the name!) stores downtown stay open a bit later, some even serve wine and snacks. And it's a popular time to hang out with friends despite the frigid temperature. Weston also happened to have a hockey game that night against the University of New Mexico, so we went to watch that, too.

Our good friends, Jamie and Eli, came with us! Eli was obviously very excited to be there.

And then those happened.

And this. A Hipster Selfie.....yikes, sorry about that :)

Back to the work week - I snagged this UBER adorable yellow blouse from...of course, Target. I wore it to a certain special occasion, which I might share with ya'll at another time. (For now,just wish me luck!)

And it was such a cute shirt, it deserved an Insta all on its own!

On Wednesday this week, one of our favorite local bars hosted Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon for a Ladies Night... IE, Beer + Chocolate tasting. Life doesn't get much better than that combination.

I'm not quite sure what to say about this. Except for we obviously have the most well mannered Labrador...ever.

Lastly, the most romantic day of the year is coming up next week. And my Grandma sent me this totally cute card to celebrate. I'm putting together some gifts for some friends this weekend, hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures of them so look for a post on Cheap V-Day Gifts for your besties soon!

That's all for now! This weekend I'm re-certifying myself in CPR (you're super safe if you ever come visit me..hah!) And we're celebrating yet another friend's 30th birthday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOVE the yellow blouse!!

    just love // kelly

    1. Best 20$ I've spent in a while :) Thank you!

  2. I was just thinking about that the other day too!... did that groundhog ever see his shadow? And I'm feeling the need to head to a certain store (my hubby works at HQ!) in search of a certain top! It looks great on you, btw! Have a lovely weekend!