Friday, March 1, 2013

InstaFriday - Big News!

life rearranged

It's Friday, which means it's time to unload the phone of all the snazzy Instagram pics of the week! I'm linking up with Jeanett again at LifeRearranged!Here's what's been going on around here, starting with weather that looked like this:

To this:

Which turned in to this: one week? I can't wait for spring! But luckily, since the weather was yucky, my good friend, Bethany, finally dragged my to the fabric store to pick out colors for a quilt that I've been talking about making for...a long time. JUST DO IT! And so here's my first strip! I've got a bit more done since then, but no pictures to prove it yet.

Then we had some really good friends come over for dinner on Tuesday night. Kona was excited because they brought their kids with them! That's Kona in the back of the photo, then Moose (the black one), then Mia! They are good friends!

At work this week, Kona got a pretty sweet treat when I finished my jar of peanut butter (I like to have it in my desk to eat with apples, bananas, or just by the spoonful in case I get hungry),

As most of you may know, March is my birthday month. I don't really enjoy celebrating my birthday...minus the one time that I had a dress-up tea party birthday, that was fun! But I think that was my 5th or 6th birthday...Not sure that my 20+ year old friends would want to partake in that any more. But in honor of being halfway to 50 this month, I decided to participate in a Photo-A-Day challenge for March! The theme for today is " 'L' is for..." and this is my photo:

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that Sam got me before our wedding, it's a piece from Lisa Leonard (local of SLO!) that I LOVE.

And finally, you might remember this pic from a few weeks ago, where I talked about my new favorite yellow polka dot blouse:

Well, I bought that blouse to wear to a super important INTERVIEW!!! for a new job...which I got!! WooHoo! For those of you new around here, the past few months at my current job have been a struggle, a battle of taking the easy road (staying here with a paycheck and no hope for ever loving my job) or taking the risky high road, in hopes that it pays off with happiness, and success! It was a big decision for Sam and I, we had a lot of pros and cons to weigh, but I think the decision is the right one for us. I've finally been offered the opportunity for a new start, after a lot of prayer, a lot of applications, and frustrations, I'm ready to take a BIG risk and jump into this new job!

So we're off to celebrate tonight with margaritas and good friends tonight! Happy Friday!

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