Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A weekend trip to see my folks

Ugh, referring to my parents as "folks" makes me feel really old. Yet somehow it was the first term that came to mind.

Sam, Weston, Kona, and I made a quick weekend  trip to see my parents over the long Memorial Day weekend last month. It was a great weekend, too quick, but so nice to see my parents and my home town.

We spent a full day in Morro Bay, one of our favorite places on the Central Coast. The dogs like it as much as we do too!

Of course, no trip to Morro Bay is complete without some Firestone and fish tacos from Dockside #2! The dogs also agree on this as well :)

We also celebrated Mom's birthday - I won't mention how old she turned, but here's the story: 

Once upon a time, when Mom was just a teen, she and her friend traveled around town via mo-peds. We still have that mo-ped, and every birthday that Mom has celebrated ending with a "0", Dad gets that thing running again for her. This birthday was one of those special birthdays!

There was a small hint at how young she turned in those photos - did you catch it?? It was a blast to watch her cruising the street! I mean the last year thing was actually registered was in 1984! That's vintage for ya!

Happy Birthday Mom!

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