Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Happy Day Project - Year 2: A Recap

 Hopefully already know what The Happy Day Project is all about, but if you don't here are my posts about it from this year and last year, and Jeanett's orginal post.

Year 1: Recap

Year 2

LifeRearranged - Jeannett

Got it?

You probably noticed that it was the "Abridged" version, and thank goodness it was, because it's been a crazy week. It makes me cringe a little to say that out loud actually -- just because I've had a long week doesn't mean I could take 2 SECONDS to do something, anything nice for someone else!? It's true, it's sadly a hard thing to take moment to stop and realize that I'm not the only person on this earth, so with that in mind, I tried my darndest to do just that. No, I didn't package up goodies for anyone, or write handwritten letters this year but here's what I did do:

Had a (much needed) coffee break with a dear friend who's been having a rougher week than I.

Cooked Sam a dinner I knew he'd love since he's been working his tail off.

Turned my phone OFF at said dinner because QUALITY TIME doesn't include text messages.

Took Kona on a longer walk than usual - because she deserves some Happy Day too, am I right?

And had dinner with some friends who needed some time to show off their gorgeous new home upgrades.

Little things - things I'd probably do on any other given week, but this week with just a bit more intention. And sometimes that's exactly what we all need.

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