Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2001 Page views!

Dear Friends and Family,

I'd like to take a moment of your time to thank you all - since Sam popped the question back in January, and I started this blog, we've had over 2000 page views

That's stinkin awesome!

You probably have no idea what this means to us, but let me tell you - it just proves how lucky we are to have such a wonderful support group backing us up - physically, emotionally, and technologically - we are surrounded by your love and support, and it makes us that much stronger as a couple. 


That being said, if you caught yesterday's blog post about my Dad's adventure with Kickstarter.com, the campaign offically began this morning. Here is the link to the campaign, please take a moment to watch the video and read about the product. He's thrown his heart, soul, blood, and sweat into this project, and we've got 32 days, beginning today to get this thing funded! So LET'S DO THIS!

And here's some pictures from our day trip this weekend, Sam and Kona and I went berry picking!

I had Sam cut me a nice log to cut into rounds to use at the wedding... in 11 days!

 And Kona helped me pick wild raspberries.

And then it started to rain, so I got to go test out my new rain coat that Sam gave me as a random gift - Thanks Babe!

It worked!

Now that we have all these berries, about two pints, Sam has requested that I bake him a pie...except with my non-existent baking skills this is a daunting task! Any suggestions or recipes you can recommend for a first time berry pie maker?

Happy Tuesday, and don't forget to check out KickStarter.com!

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