Monday, July 30, 2012

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Have you heard of


Let me tell you all about it! is a website that allows people to set up a campaign for a product, business, idea etc, that they need help attaining funding to get them...Kick Started!

Basically, people make a video explaining what they want to do with the donations they receive and how awesome their product is, and KickStarter gives you a period of time to campaign for the amount of funding that they need.

In return for sending a donation, the person with the campaign will compensate your money by sending you something related to the product they are trying to Kick Start. 

When/if the product receives the funding that they need via donations, the money is then spent by the campaigner to get their product soaring!

If the campaigner happens to not make enough funds, then the donations are returned to the donator. 

Pretty awesome right?

The campaigner wins because they now have the funding to fund their dreams! And the donator wins because they get something cool, and they got to help in making someone's dream come true! 


Well, my father, Sam's Future Father-In-Law, has just launched his own campaign! Starting tomorrow, July 31, the Patio Farm, which you've seen  a few of in my previous posts, is asking for your help!  

Tilt your head to the right to view photo correctly :)
So here's what I'm asking:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in "Paso Robles, CA" in the search box at the top of the page
  3. Look for Patio Farm!
  4. And decide if you want to be a part of helping out! 
For more questions about, leave me a message or email. 
Let's do our part to help KickStart an American Dream! 


FYI: A Patio Farm is made up of Agro Towers - what you see in the pictures above. A Patio Farm includes the ability to grow plants hydroponically, or with regular soil, and a self watering system. 

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