Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Hitched


This is BIG.

It's HUGE.

We're married now!

That's nuts.

All the planning and preparation and nerves that I talked about in the last post paid off. The entire weekend went off without a single glitch. It was the most beautiful couple of days. And the best day of my life. I am now Mrs. Leah Whitney Heffelfinger.

PS. I still can't sign my name without it turning into gobblygook...I get Heffe...scribble.

I know, you are all begging to see the pictures. I'll post a few, though I don't have the ones from our photographer yet.

Side Note: If you need a photographer in the Central Coast area, please check out Cindy Franklin on Facebook, she is WONDERFUL. Or, if you are in the Bakersfield area, check out Ellen Kommel on Facebook, she was so awesome as well! 

My plan is to post the weekend in separate posts, one for Friday, Saturday morning, Ceremony, Reception, then our mini-honeymoon. So don't worry, you'll see them all eventually.

So, without further ado, here is your official sneak peak:






 So pretty! Can't wait to see the rest of them! 

Isn't Sam just the most handsome man you've ever seen!?....not that I'm biased or anything.

Honestly, the day was perfect. So many people helped us, so, thank you to all of my bridesmaids, groomsmen, JD, Kona, Erica (she unknowingly volunteered to be our pseudo day-of coordinator, and I would have been a wreck without her), my wonderful parents, all of my grandparents, and Sam's family...the list goes on. So many people to thank, we are incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives - our wedding wouldn't have been as perfect, nor our lives as complete without every single one of you. 



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  1. Love you both!! It was a fantastic weekend and very beautiful wedding! Love Ash!! :)