Friday, September 14, 2012

InstaFriday - Kona Style

Welcome to InstaFriday! It's a collection of cell phone pictures from the week!

This morning Kona was all sorts of cuddly, wanting to be right in my lap while I was eating my oatmeal. So we had a little photo session - obviously she was very excited about it.

Last weekend, Sam was hunting, so Kona and I took a date together down to the Route 66 Car Show! 

It was super hot, so we shared a yummy, fresh squeezed lemonade!  

And since Sam was gone, and we had nothing better to do, I created this pretty wreath! Click the picture to see the original idea.

Here's how mine turned out! I really like it! It's now for sale too! So stop by the Etsy store if you're interested!

And if you've been reading Floral + Ivory for the last week, you've seen the whole post dedicated to this picture. I'm pretty proud how it turned out. And I'll be trying to rearrange the mantel this weekend to make it more cohesive rather than a compilation of every single vase and candle stick I own.

A super duper gift from Hubby! It's a 1950's (+/- 3 years) White Rotary sewing machine that can handle sewing through canvas and other tough materials! Yay! It's exciting to try my hand at new things, and this will be definitely be a challenge!

Cold weather is upon us here in Flagstaff!.... I'm not sure how excited I am about this. But I did get to bust out a super cute sweater vest for work yesterday!

And because it's so chilly in my house, I whipped up some yummy warm oatmeal for breakfast this morning to keep the chill away. A little bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, maple syrup, and chopped apples!

I'm linking Floral + Ivory up with Jeanette from Life Rearranged, so hop over to her blog after you check out the rest of our week!

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  1. That sewing machine's a beaut! Mmm, I think I'm going to go make myself some oatmeal now :)

    1. Why, thanks, Jessica! Tonight project is learning how to use it!