Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 10 Things: That Cause My Eyes To Roll

1. When people get overly excited for things that aren't that exciting. 
It's like literally being excited about that god awful pair of itchy socks in your stocking at Christmas.

2. When people use the word "irregardless". 
Regardless. OR Irrelevant. It's can't be both at the same time. 

3. When people complain about being themselves. 

You're not a tree...

4. Really weak coffee. 
What's the point of drinking it!?

5.Obnoxious laughing. 
Ok, yes, it was funny, but you made it unfunny.... Stop it.


6. Not using cruise control.
With the exception of my mother, the only person on Earth that doesn't have cruise control...the rest of you need to learn the power of a steady speed on the highway - don't give me that look just cause I'm going the speed limit!

7. Asking permission to use your common sense.
I'm not even sure I can explain this one. 

 common sense- non-sense :-) 

8. Not popping white heads. 
Seriously, get rid of that thing!

9. Wearing high heels in the snow. 
I'm probably going to laugh when you eat it. 

so much snow. such high heels.

10. Your Turn:
 Tell me what makes your eyes roll. I promise it feels good to lay it all out there.


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