Monday, October 22, 2012

Hello Monday!

Welcome back to Monday friends! I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard, from Lisa Leonard Designs today for Hello Monday!

Hello to sore hips from a Zumba Training this weekend - 10 hours - I'm now a Certified Instructor!

Hello to a sneak peak at what's soon to be in the Shop!

Hello to a yummy dinner!

Hello to new adventures - Praying for Success! 

If you're wondering what in the world that might be - please take a second to hop over to IndieGoGo! I'm helping out with a campaign for my father's company and his new product, Smart Spot. You're gonna NEED one ;) so help our family today!

Here's the link to the IndieGoGo site:

If he gets a good head start in the first few days of the campaign, IndieGoGo will put his campaign on the promotion page of their website, so please help us get our name out there soon!

And Happy Monday to ya'll!

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