Friday, January 4, 2013


life rearranged

It's InstaFriday again! Woot Woot! I'm linking up with Jeanett from Life Rearranged. InstaFriday is just a place to post all those lovely phone pictures that otherwise would never be seen except by me...unless you want to follow me on Instagram, I'm LeahHeffelfinger!

With a few days off from work, Sam and I finally got around to rearranging some furniture in the house. We had a large dresser that was stationed against the wall as you come in the front door, but we thought it would be better put to use as a TV stand. So the book shelf that was home to the TV is now by the front door.

The goal for the dresser is to remove the top two drawers on the left and right sides, and replace them with these awesome baskets (barely visible to the left of the dresser). And of course, spruce up the entire dresser with a coat of bright and cheery paint. I'm picturing a minty green or goldish yellow. I'm also in the market for a pair of spectacular lamps to dress up the top of the dresser. But the biggest problem I'm facing is hiding the cords to the TV...any suggestions?

This is the old home of the dresser, now home of the Ikea bookshelf. I actually really love this little setup, but the wall is much bigger than it appears in this picture, so it looks a little... sad all by it's self. I'd like to do a nice gallery wall with some larger prints and photos and maybe switch out the bookshelf for a bench.

{Print by Pen and Paint}

We also worked on this area next to the front door. We swapped out an old beige lamp shade for this fun pop of yellow from World Market, and hung up some photos. I'm scouring the interwebs for a great deal on curtains for this room. I found these yesterday, what a steal! But not sure it's what I want...what do you think?

Next up on our agenda this week was the celebration of New Years Eve! We had some fine folks over for spinach dip. pigs in a blanket, and The Game of Things. It was a swell time. We mosied on over to the Museum Club for the count down, and were in bed by 1:00am.

...and we might have lite sparklers in the house.

It's ok though. Sam used to be a firefighter.

Tuesday morning after recovering from NYE, we went with our good friends Jamie and Eli to shoot our bows. I lost two arrows... apparently I need to practice more often. But it was only 28 degrees outside, so we decided to pack it up early and warm up with some guessed it.... Frozen Yogurt!

Tuesday night was spent cuddling on the couch, finally watching Downton Abbey (It sucks you right in!) and playing with Kona.

Oh, and what's that little painting above the stove, you ask? Why it's a pinteresty thing-a-ma-bob that my Mom and I threw together over Christmas. Still on the fence as to whether I should keep it. It didn't quite come out the way I'd hoped. 

And finally, back to work I went on Wednesday morning. And the only good thing about going back to work was witnessing this pretty sight on the way there. Sights like this make you catch your breath and count your blessings for living in such a beautiful place. 

...Disregard my SUPER dirty windshield :)

 And that, my friends, is InstaFriday! The weekend is almost upon us (Thank the Lord) and I've got ZERO plans. Anyone want to hang out?

Oh and PS - I went over to Kohls yesterday to look for some dresses to take on my cruise (cause I'm super cheap like that) and I found two dresses, perfect for relaxing on the deck, for under $9.00 each! Plus a necklace to match for $7.50. Their clearance sections are all an additional %25 off, so go shopping!

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