Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The big brown dresser.

My list of things I want to do around the house is growing. Unfortunately it's too cold to paint. I'm too indecisive about fabric choices to start a quilt. We're going out of town. And the list of excuses just goes on and on.

But really, the biggest project that I want to get started on is the dresser. I love painting furniture so this is just screaming for me to start sanding!

Did I mention it's a high of 46 degrees today. Not ideal for being outside sanding and painting.

But it is ideal for brainstorming, so I thought I'd pull some images from my Pinterest board (if you want to follow me, click HERE) that are inspiring me to get out my palm sander and get to picking out colors. Maybe you guys can help me choose a color or some idea of how to paint indoors without dying of inhaling fumes.

Here's the original dresser, exactly how it is now:

Seriously, it's screaming for attention! It has 9 drawers, and 15 drawer pulls.



Here's my inspiration photos:


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Only the peacy color and the gold/yellow in the top of the photo.



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Basically, I really like BRIGHT colors. And I'll for sure being replace the top 2 drawers on the right and left sides with these great baskets I found at Marshall's. Sam will be doing some work on the dresser to make a nice platform for the baskets to sit on while still maintaining the structural soundness of the dresser. 

What do you think? Consider the fact that this is my coffee table:

What color wouldn't overwhelm the teal coffee table, but bring a punch of something else to the room. Without making the room seem too overboard with color?

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