Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 Days, The Final Day, Day 31

I made it!  I did it! I blogged every day for 31 days straight! And I am proud of it. I may not have chosen the most complicated, intricate, deep topic, but I the point is that I MADE the time to blog and I accomplished my goal.

I once read somewhere that we don't have time for all the things that  we love. But rather, we MAKE time for the things that we love. I certainly was using the excuse of not having enough time to blog, but in reality, I wasn't making the time. What I learned from this 31 Day Challenge was that things we  love don't just sneak into our daily lives to make their pretty appearances, we have to work hard to pull the things that we love closer.

I enjoy blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, you name it, I love it. But I think there was some fear of failure lurking around me for the past few months. A paralyzing fear that told me YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO BLOG or, YOU MIGHT NEVER HAVE A SINGLE READER. And so what? That's not the point. I don't wear purple pants because YOU ALL like them, I wear them because I DO.

And that's the beauty in blogging. Come on in, read my words, look at my photos, if you like it, please stay, and if you don't, that's ok too. I am going to forward this challenge to myself in the coming months and push myself to be present here, to talk about the things that make me happy, the things that I think about, and if you'd like to hang out with me, please do! I'll take some company.

Thank you to The Nester for giving me this opportunity - and congratulations to all the other 1000's of bloggers who participated in the challenge!

So here goes, just in time to get TGI...It's Thursday back on the radar - the last 31 Day Challenge: Encouraging Thoughts.


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