Monday, November 4, 2013

The Story of A Dresser

Once upon a time we had this:

Hideous. And I'm talking about the dresser...pretend the couch isn't also hideous. Gah. I can't even look at this photo any longer. This was taken the week we moved into our house.

Let's fast forward to about 8 months later, when the great transformation occurred:

Getting better. We moved the dresser to a different wall, added a random assortment of frames, and whatever else was on hand.

Then we took it a step further:

Sam took out all the drawers, and built shelves in their place.

With Kona's supervision of course. And that orange chair, it's another project I hope to start soon.

Then I took the sander to the parts that we wanted to paint.

The bits of rock/concrete in the photo below were helping the new shelves adhere to the wood glue that we used. And please excuse the adult beverages ;)

In the end, we picked up two baskets from Marshall's and ended up with this:

Happy Monday!

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